Relationships at scale

Transform digital selling to meet customer expectations while making sales more personal. And do it at scale.

It’s about putting the customer first.

Putting the customer first

Shift interactions from selling to relationship building to become a trusted partner in digital transformation.
Personalize the customer engagement using rich digital data and insights to deliver value.
Build credibility by demonstrating a deep understanding of business imperatives and outcomes to build trust.
Enable customer choice in the acquisition model and engage on their terms.

The shift from selling to relationship building

No industry is immune to digital disruption and changing customer needs. Success in sales today depends on a deep understanding of the customer’s biggest challenges and the outcomes they need most. This means that to offer real value, we must shift from traditional push selling to relationship building.

New customer expectations provide a major opening for salespeople to deliver value. That’s especially true for products and services that solve big business problems; and that’s when buyers really want a trusted partner to guide them through the process.

The twenty-first century digital seller has an extended set of

capabilities in order to meet evolving customer needs

Empathetic partner

who is focused on solutions that are valuable for the customer

Flexible and adaptive behavior

in an era of rapidly evolving customer expectations

Storytelling mastery

that clearly articulates the value of our solutions to solve business challenges

Digital adeptness

to connect with customers where and when they want to be engaged

Operational mindset

that works across boundaries and collaborates to address challenges

Advocacy focus

and an unyielding customer voice to drive constant product improvement

Source: Forrester Research paper – “21st Century Sellers” by Mary Shea, Jacob Milender, May 22, 2017

Design for impact, expertise, and optimization at scale

Nurture customers through the buying journey to build more contextual relationships.
Engage customers in solution-based, business outcome discussions to deliver value.
Drive solution development and build partner capabilities across the ecosystem.
Ensure that customers realize and optimize the value of their investment.
“The impact of digital disruption on every industry is enormous. The transformation taking place in our customers’ businesses demands a new approach to the traditional software sales motion. We’re ready to meet our customers at the right point in their engagement journey, with the right touch, at the right time, with the right insights to help them achieve more.” Debbie Dunnam

CVP, Inside Sales

Forces driving the digital customer experience

Build relationships

Customers want a more personalized, streamlined experience designed to meet the specific needs of their business. Providing real value establishes trust, builds relationships, and drives successful business outcomes.

Be channel agnostic

Customers want an experience that is ubiquitous, channel agnostic, and consistent. They want the ability to self-serve and know that we can meet them where they are, engaging with the right solution at the right time in their digital journey.

Be agile

Agility is key to meeting customer expectations of products and services. Customers expect us not only to meet but to anticipate their needs and produce solutions that are tailored to them. This means embracing a new culture where hierarchy fades and innovation happens through networks.

Combining existing competencies with new capabilities creates a compelling value proposition.

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